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This German label was founded in 1922 by Albert Dormanns. Albert Dormanns established his own company called the Dormanns Trouser Factory. He used an inventory of returns, sample coupons, and overstock materials he had acquired to make jackets, pants, and work garments. After the Second World War, Albert decided to specialize in the production of trousers for men. After Albert Dormanns passing in 1968, his daughter inherited the company. Later in 1977 grandson of Albert Dolmanns had joined the family company as an administrator. A few years later, he developed a new line of pants made of high-quality materials, the newly modern cuts, and new patterns with the perfect fit. He became a pioneer within the company, who created a trendy, stylish fashion garment, and the collection was successful. The company launched its trousers design into the market under the brand name ALBERTO. Nowadays Alberto brand has more than 2000 stores in 56 countries worldwide. The Alberto pants company has the vision to grow and expand.

Production of Alberto pants

Alberto is known for its pants with a comfortable fit. The Alberto pants have the perfect fit for everybody, giving you the best possible look. Alberto provides a broad collection. Anyone can find an item matching their lifestyle and personal taste. From a slim-fit, comfortable pair of pants with tapered legs to a modern-fit with a wider cut and straight legs.
Alberto: high quality and luxurious finish. The brand guarantees that their trousers do not contain any harmful substances. The pants are made in Tunisia, Romania, and Poland. All the employees are protected by law, and Alberto's technicians on-site monitor the production process. The production plants are regularly audited to maintain social standards.

Organic Alberto

For a long time, Alberto is working on fashion awareness and responsible production. Alberto works with organic cotton and also with recycled Elastane. Using materials like Tencel, Polyesters, organic cotton, and recycled Elastane. Blending these materials will cause less effect on the environment and always get the typical and authentic Alberto jeans. Alberto has a laboratory where they test the properties of all their outer fabrics. All certified with STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX.

Quality of Alberto pants

Quality is one of Alberto's highest priorities. The brand is characterized by using high-quality fabrics and materials to guarantee long durability with their jeans or standard trousers. An exquisite finish creates the luxurious, high-quality appearance of Alberto pants. For several years, Alberto experiments with designs to create the perfect pants. By combining carefully selected materials with years of expertise and craftsmanship, every pair of pants finished down to the slightest detail. Fashion brand Alberto guarantees a production process without harmful substances. This label highly values healthy production processes and conditions. Corporate social responsibility is of great importance for Alberto.

Type of pants

Alberto has the complete collection divided into three types: Dressy pants, casual pants, and denim types. Alberto's dressy pants are made of high-quality fabrics. The perfectly fitting style explains why the pants are so comfortable. Classic chinos? Or pants with a check pattern and less colorful? No problem. Whatever your style is, there is always a dressy option for you. Alberto casual pants are smartly designed for comfort and a unique look. Pants made of excellent craftsmanship – they belong to the best in comfort and look. Alberto denim pants- make you feel that you're wearing something extraordinary. The denim fabrics feel fantastic the very first time you touch them. The Denim pants pocket's inside are printed, making the jeans exclusive.

Alberto's perfect fit

Alberto produces their models in Tapered fit, Modern fit, Regular fit, and Slim fit so that every man can find the perfect-fitting pair of pants. All of the models are made in the most trendy colors and different materials or blends of materials, offering the perfect pants for every man!

Tapered fit stands for slim cuts with reduced waist height and tapered legs. This fitting is wider on the upper leg but will end slimmer on the calf. A perfect fit when you need more space on the upper leg.

Modern fit pants are medium-rise cut with a modern silhouette. We would recommend this model when you want more space, but without your pants looking too wide. These models have a semi-straight fit, it will fall on your body but doesn't accentuate your legs.

Regular fit offers slim limbs and narrow legs. But there will still be some space between the fabric and your calf. It accentuates your legs and body in a sophisticated way.

Slim-fit pants are young and stylish and have a low-rise cut and a silhouette to emphasize the figure. The pants will fit closely on the upper leg and calf. This will show the curves of your legs and optically make you look taller.

Alberto Golf Line

The Golf Line edition is a specific and different type of trousers. These trousers are made of Polyamide and Elasthan, which means the trousers have a lovely comfortable touch and lots of flexibility. Without losing the look of a sophisticated golf player. We offer this model in two different colors, dark navy blue and black. These colors are easy to combine, and you can wear them the whole year through.
Take a moment to read the washing label. Because you cannot wash these pants at a high temperature, a big benefit of these pants is that this material dries quickly, so you don't have to put them in the dryer. The Golf edition is modern to a slim fit, depending on your physique.

How to combine Alberto-pants?


Alberto offers jeans in different colors, fitting, and washings. When you want to create a sophisticated look, make sure the jeans have little to a few notable features or details. You will quickly get the smart-casual look, add a white or light blue shirt, and combine this with a nice blazer. Wear the jeans with white sneakers to create a sporty look. Or opt for some elegant brown leather or suede shoes with a matching belt to keep it more formal. If you want a casual or sporty look, wear a t-shirt or sweater and add some sneakers.

Casual & Dressy

The casual pants of Alberto come in different colors. They have the appearance of elegant trousers but are made from informal materials like cotton, stretch, or linen. To give these casual pants a sleek style, add a formal shirt, a tie, and maybe even a gilet in combination with a blazer. Finish this look with a pair of smart brown leather shoes, for example, moccasins or loafers. This is a combination you will see by the most stylish people at Pitti Uomo.

Golf Line

These super comfortable pants are mostly worn on the golf court. When the weather is nice and warm, combine the pants with a nice sporty short sleeve polo. Apart from that, bring a lovely cardigan with you for when it gets chilly.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What makes Alberto pants special?
The many years of experience have made Alberto one of the greatest pants and trousers specialists in Europe. They offer the latest trends in combination with high-quality standards. They know their customers, and they are innovative.
Does Suitable sell the Golf line Edition?
Yes, they do! They offer two different colors. These colors can be worn the whole year through and are easy to combine.
What sizes are offered by Suitable?
In inches, Alberto is available from waist sizes 31 to 36. The length is variable. We offer lengths 32 and 34.

Alberto pants online at Suitable

Curious about this wonderfully comfortable yet extremely luxurious brand? Check out the collection of Alberto trousers at Suitable online, and make sure you quickly have a few in the closet. With their perfect fit, attractive details, and long life, Alberto trousers are both business and casual to complement your wardrobe. You can always contact customer services for help.

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