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Casa Moda Pullover Zip Blue
It is a pity that the fit leaves something to be desired due to the closure does not make the vest slim.
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Casa Moda Casual Shirt Pane Dark Blue
nice shirt for a decent price
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Casa Moda mensfashion

The German brand Casa Moda started in 1974. It is a brand that is well known for making premium shirts. The shirts are for men that want to dress well in all different sizes, even when they need big and tall fashion. Nowadays, this brand offers you sweaters, vests, polo shirts, and casual shirts.

Casa Moda collection

The complete collection of Casa Moda is timeless and affordable. The modern man that likes to look good and wants to wear high-quality fabrics can easily find items to wear. Perfect fitting clothes, no matter the size, is what Casa Moda offers. In the collection, you will discover sportive and casual clothes that you can endlessly combine. For every man suitable for every occasion. At suitable we offer the following items:

Casa Moda pullovers Casa Moda Shirts Casa Moda Vest / Gilet Casa Moda polo shirts/ long sleeves

Casa Moda shirts

The shirts of Casa Moda are made of 100% cotton combined with an iron-free fabric. Ideal for bringing along on your travel trip. Because of the unique weaving technique, Casa Moda produces solid shirts, resulting in you enjoying your shirts for a longer time and making them sustainable. The shirts from Casa Moda are shirts that you can wear for casual and formal occasions. Casa Moda offers shirts in different colors, stripes, and blocks. Combine it with a pullover, vest, or cardigan to complete your outfit. The shirts with a button-down or hidden button-down are perfect for casual occasions. Shirts with a firm collar are perfect for formal occasions since you can wear them easily with a tie. All shirts of Casa Moda are provided with a pocket on the left side of your chest. It is big enough for your wallet or phone. Some men like to use this pocket to hold their pen. Whatever you prefer, it is possible.

Order Casa Moda online

On the SuitableShop webshop, you will find a comprehensive collection of Casa Moda. This brand is inspired by the average man's look but offers the larger man fashion items to look good every day of the year. Suitable starts from size medium up to 5XL. So if you don't feel like going into town, order your items easy at Suitable, and let us know if you are content with your order. If you don't like what you ordered don't hesitate to contact us. You can always bring your order back to one of our shops, or send it back to our headquarter. We are happy to help you finding the right size and advising you on the Casa Moda items.

Casa Moda Colors and prints

The colors and prints are carefully chosen and edited. For multiple occasions, and all different types of men. The classic style of Casa Moda is timeless and easy to combine. Every season, Casa Moda offers you fresh and new colors that are perfect for that same season. Bright colors for spring and summer and warmer and darker colors for fall and winter. Dare to be different choose a different style or print, so you have variety in your closet. Enough options to combine, colorful with flower prints or plain white shirts for formal occasions.

Casa Moda fitting

As already has been told, Casa Moda offers you a wide range of sizes and models. This brand is specialized in making the perfect fit for the larger man, but it is true craftsmanship. No matter the size, every man wants to feel good about himself and express that feeling through their clothes. Therefore they may not sell the skinny or slim-fitted shirt. But instead, go for a regular or modern fit. Wich means the shirt will adjust to the body without suffocating you. A comfortable shirt with space to move properly and still look good.

Waistcoat or Cardigan

You can wear a cardigan underneath a complete formal suit. We would advise you to wear them with a colorful shirt for holidays or casual occasions because of the plain colors. If you go to a business meeting or want to wear it with a complete business suit, we would recommend wearing it with a shirt underneath it in plain white or light blue. The waistcoats are available in 2 colors, mid-blue and mid-grey. A cardigan is often worn on top of a t-shirt or formal shirt. Casa Moda offers you cardigans in different colors but mostly in plain colors. So you can combine it easily for cooler days. You can bring them with you on a cold spring day or in the early days of fall when temperatures can change quickly. Casa Moda's cardigans have no prints or different colors, but they could have a specific structure in the fabric that is unnoted from far but can be seen from up-close. A waistcoat from the brand Casa Moda is available in plain colors. It is a beautiful knitted vest without sleeves.

Poloshirt and longsleeve poloshirt

A polo shirt with short sleeves is normally worn on warmer days in spring and summer. That's why Casa Moda has chosen to make them in light and bright colors. You can still go for the basic colors, like mid blue and light blue, but adding a red or green would look good on sunny days. For example, if you go on a holiday, going for a walk on the beach. The comfortable polo's of Casa Moda is available in sizes medium up to 5XL. They are made in a cotton-polyester mix, breathable and lightweight. Perfect for the warmer days. There are details added that are not that notable, but just a nice addition to your polo, for example, a small pocket on the chest and small piping in a different color on the edge of the collar. The long sleeve polo, also known as Rugby, is like a normal polo but then with long sleeves for the chilly days of spring and fall. Casa Moda makes these in subtle and darker colors like anthracite. They are made out of cotton and polyester mix. That's why the long sleeve polo is comfortable, flexible and the fabrics will remain in the same shape. It is a regular fit, so it adjusts nicely to your body without feeling too tight.

Pullover and Zippers

The pullover and zipper are just like sweaters, you usually wear them on top of a t-shirt or shirt. The pullovers of Casa Moda are available in cheerful colors and primary colors. Casa Moda offers the pullovers in a V-neck. A v-neck is comfortable when wearing a formal shirt underneath it. Because it gives you comfort and space around your neck. You can unbutton the first two buttons, and you would still look smart casual without losing comfort and warmth. A pullover makes your outfit business casual. A zipper is also like a sweater but has a short zipper on the sweater's front side that, when zipped up, holds your neck warm. You could wear the zipper in combination with a suit or sports jacket but make sure that your shirt is a button-down or a hidden button-down because you don't have that much space around your neck, and if your collar is not firm, it will move and look messy.

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