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Suitable Respect Sweater Rince Burgundy
A minus point We thought it would be more red. Just like in the picture, it is redder there. Furthermore, the sweater is good
  Nice to hear that the sweater is otherwise satisfactory.   ^Quinty van Suitable
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Buy Sweaters Sustainable online

A good sweater is a staple for every man's wardrobe. It can be combined well with other clothing and provides just a little extra warmth on a cold day. And you can enjoy that warmth even better when you know that your sweater has been produced in an environmentally friendly way and under fair conditions.

Sustainable fashion

The fashion industry is one of the industries that can have the greatest, improving impact on the environment and we are working hard on it.
There is growing attention for:

  • The use of biological materials
  • Recycling of material
  • Produce without harmful chemicals
  • Fair and safe working conditions

The number of brands that produce sustainable fashion is increasing. This is also reflected in the range of sustainable sweaters at Suitable. And there are even brands that not only work with ecological materials, but are also involved in sustainability in other ways. For example, the Ecoalf brand Ecoalf attention to the environment with their slogan: 'Because there is no planet B' as a printed on a sustainable sweater and the Colorful Standard label donates part of the proceeds to charities.

There is a wide choice of durable sweaters in different styles, models, colors and prints. Choose an eco sweater with a hood for a casual look or wear a tailored ecological sweater in a subtle color for a more tidy look.

Cotton that has not been exposed to any pesticides is called organic cotton. This organically obtained cotton feels the same as "normal" cotton. Suitable has put the best organic cotton sweaters online for you. You can order these here.

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