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Cycleur de Luxe is a Belgium brand that produces high-quality shoes inspired by cycling, as the brand name suggests. The brand Cycleur de Luxe is established in 2011 by cycling enthusiast Patrick Vanneste. Although being a few years old, the brand holds on to cyclings nostalgic values and incorporate them into their designs. The designed shoes are comfortable and have the perfect combination of style and sportiness.

Cycleur de Luxe: authentic and trendy

The old cycling shoe inspires Cycleur de Luxe's men's shoe design. The typical boxed shape tongue and perforated leather are elements dating back to the fifties, which are back in trend. Cycler de Luxe leather shoes have a high-quality finish; Real leather lining, removable sole. We all want to prevent painful feet, so Cycleur the Luxe shoes are designed to make your feet as comfortable as possible.

Endless combinations with Cycler de Luxe

Cycleur the Luxe's designs follow the latest trends and are available in many neutral colors. The colors cognac, grey, and brown are perfect for making endless combinations. These men's shoes fit both a classic as a more casual look, offering comfort whenever you need it. Whatever the occasion, whatever you're doing a Cycleur, the luxe shoe will give you a fashionable look and comfort combined.

Order Cycleur de Luxe online

Are you interested in what Cycleur de Luxe can offer you? Take a quick look around in our online store for the latest men's shoes. Decide on the style, color, type of shoe, and other factors. One thing is for sure. This brand has something for every modern man with an active lifestyle. Order your Cycleur de Luxe men's shoes online and enjoy the ease of ordering online and fitting the shoes in the comfort of your living room. We ship these shoes for free so that you can go about stylish!

Your formal sneaker

One of the latest trends in fashion is casualizing formal wear. You see this in jog-suits, sneaker suits, knitted dress shirts, and now: Formal sneakers. Two of those are the Sneaker Bilboa and the sneaker Boom. These models have the look of a neat shoe but the finish and comfort of a sneaker. Made from 100% breathable leather and soft rubber soles. Perfect for long hikes in your casual Sunday suit.

Cycleur de Luxe men's oxford shoes

Every season, Cycleur de Luxe's design team comes up with new oxford-type men's shoes. Being a formal dress shoe, this type often reverts to as basic and maybe even dull. However, the designs of this Belgium brand are far from dull. They are using crocodile print leather, eye-catching paint designs, or a combination to make the shoes stand out from the crowd. Can't find your oxford shoes? Perhaps some Derby shoes or low boots are a suitable replacement.
Mix your Oxfords with a business suit or neat chino or suit trousers. Rather want to wear something casual? No worries, pick a derby shoe and mix it with neat chinos or casual jeans.

Cycleur de Luxe Sneaker Illinois

The Sneaker Illinois is one of the trendiest models in the range of this men's shoe brand. With it's inverted bicycle frame on the side, a wink to the cycling influence. The Illinois sneaker is available in different colors and has a trendy high/thick white sole adding youthfulness to the shoe. Perfect in combination with some skinny jeans and a plain white T-shirt.

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