-  Wednesday, 7 October  |  James
Tommy Hilfiger Core Denton Jeans Navy
I searched globally for a particular item that was not available in Australia, Eventually found it at Suitable, The service from Suitable was fantastic. Due to COVID availability was delayed however the product arrived promptly once available. Can't be happier with the server.
  Hello James, thank you so much for your kind words and review!   ^Quinty van Suitable
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  • Service - responded promptly and honestly to enquiries
  • Availability - products not available in Australia were available online
  • Web site ease of use
 -  Saturday, 16 May  |  Rob
Pierre Cardin Lyon Jeans Future Flex 04
Beautiful dark jeans that you definitely can carry business fine. Fit is good and thanks to the stretch not bothersome after a Burgundian evening;) Length size 30 you will not find everywhere, but fortunately at [site name] reasonably in stock.
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  • Fit
  • Stretch
  • Excellent delivery
 -  Wednesday, 21 November  |  Thijs
Pierre Cardin Lyon Jeans Future Flex 3451
Label removed from my existing pants and ordered exactly the same. So the size, the product number, the series, everything that is on the label.
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  • Trouser legs longer than the current one
  • Dark blue instead of the blue in the photo
  • I don't feel like returning.
 -  Sunday, 18 October  |  Conny
PME Legend Commander 2 Jeans Blue
Great pants are great, and quickly delivered, absolutely great
  Nice to hear that you are so satisfied. We look forward to seeing you at [site name]!   ^Quinty van Suitable
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 -  Thursday, 15 October  |  Ruben
PME Legend Commander 2 Jeans Blue
Fine quality jeans. Nice fit and delivered quickly
  Thank you for being satisfied. Have fun wearing!   ^Quinty van Suitable
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  • Fit
 -  Tuesday, 16 April  |  P.E.
Mac Pants Arne H750
It is a good item and the delivery is correct.
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 -  Monday, 29 March  |  Audenaerd-
PME Legend Skymaster Jeans Blue
Beautiful pants Fits like a glove
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Buy Plus size jeans stretch online

Stretch jeans for men with large sizes

Nowadays, most jeans have a slight stretch to them, ensuring that your pants fit neatly and are extra comfortable. For men with large sizes, these pants are the perfect addition to their wardrobe.

Because the stretch jeans fit nicely on your legs, the jeans offer high comfort and a stylish look. Stretch jeans can also work very dressy. For maximum effect, you should choose slightly fitted jeans in a dark color such as dark blue. Especially for big men, it is essential to wear fitted and tight clothing, if you choose clothing that is too wide, you can look even bigger.

Fortunately, nowadays, more and more brands have a clothing collection, especially for men with large clothing sizes. For jeans in large sizes, you can go to Brax, PME Legend, and Mac, for example. At Brax, you can even find jeans in width 52.

Frequently asked questions

Is it wise to choose fitted clothing as you have a large size?
You certainly can, and we recommend it. Men wearing baggy clothes often look a lot bigger than they are.
What colors make you look good?
If you are looking for clothing that works as a cover-up, it is best to choose dark colors such as dark blue, black, or dark gray.
Are stretch jeans in large sizes available in different fits?
At Suitable, we sell large-sized stretch jeans in modern fit and regular fit.

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