-  Sunday, 21 February  |  Niels
Michaelis Shirt White SL7
Nice shirt, however, the stated dimensions and remark strongly fitted correct. I compared the sizes with an Olymp level 5 shirt, both collar size 38. Chest size both shirts is the same and waist is smaller at Olymp. Conclusion great shirt but just slightly fitted.
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  • Nicely finished
  • Dimensions are incorrect
  • Unfortunately no darts on the back
 -  Sunday, 18 October  |  Bart
Michaelis Shirt Poplin Scooter White SL7
Sleeve 7, always in white blue, or white or blue or blue or white... how happy a nice motif makes you feel, is simply not often in Sleeve 7. That's why I bought it and hell, happy with it, fit, quality...
  Nice to hear that you are so satisfied. Have fun wearing!   ^Quinty from Suitable
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Michaelis shirts at Suitable

Stylish, contemporary shirts with Italian design. This is the collection of Michaelis in a nutshell. Suitable offers a wide range of shirts from this Dutch brand. All shirts are slim-fit, detailed and made of luxurious fabrics. Attention to detail is the brand’s foundation since 1934. Every step in the production process of a shirt gets extra attention, like carefully checking the stitching.
Furthermore, Michaelis also provides non-iron shirts.


The collection consists of a great range of basic shirts, essentials for every men’s wardrobe. The standard collection is being expanded every season with a few new shirts. Often with fresh colors and prints, according to the latest trends. On top of that, you can find more special shirts at Michaelis.

Special offers

Michaelis is not only renowned for its design and quality, but also for its special offers. For example, offering two products for one affordable price. Suitable applies the same special offers.
Buy two shirts or pullovers now for only €99,95.
Outside these special offers, you can enjoy a 50% discount on shirts during the Suitable Sale.
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Unique slim-fit

A slim-fit shirt is no exception, however the Michaelis fit is unique. Namely, every collar size has its own fit. The standard is two collar sizes having the same chest- and waist size, after which the next two collar sizes follow.
Before purchasing, check the Michaelis size chart or contact customer service. This way you can be sure to buy the right size.

Shirts with sleeve length 7

Like almost every brand available at Suitable, Michaelis offers shirts with sleeve length 7 as well. Suitable for tall men, from 1.90 m, for which standard sleeve length isn’t enough.
These shirts have a sleeve length which is 5 cm longer than the standard, 72 cm instead of 67 cm.
The shirts with extra sleeve length can be recognized by a grey overlay with the text ‘Sleeve 7’.

Complete your outfit with Michaelis cufflinks

If you like to finish off your outfit, choose for Michaelis cufflinks. An excellent match with a wedding suit, giving your look an elegant touch. The classiest cufflinks are those with a button design. Other cufflinks in the collection are more playful. Perfect for car lovers are the car related cufflinks, such as fuel speed, mini cart or gear shift.

About the brand Michaelis

Michaelis is a clothing brand with a clear vision since 1934. Founder, Heinze Michaelis, thought that the high quality of a tailor-made suit should be available for ‘the common man’ as well.
With this in mind he started producing, first ties and later on shirts and other garments. In all garments, quality is still the leading factor. Every step in the process is closely monitored to guarantee the final result. The choice of quality is the basis of every collection, taking new techniques and innovations into consideration. These are implemented in the factories, fabrics and processes, without losing sight of history and craftmanship.
Would you like to know which specific size you need? Check the Michaelis size chart.

Wondering what specific measure of Michaelis you need? View the Michaelis size chart.
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