Purchasing a Napapijri jacket at Suitable

Have you already spotted it on the street? The Napapijri jacket is today’s streetstyle hit. There is a suitable Napapijri jacket for every style, due to the high quality and the wide range of colors.
Most popular at the moment is the Napapijri Rainforest and it is online available at Suitable.
Suitable is not only the place to be for the elegant man, but for the adventurous man as well. Therefore, at Suitable you find not only Napapijri jackets, but also clothes and accessories.

The Napapijri Rainforest

The perfect combination of innovative technique, expertise and style. The Napapijri Rainforest is a must-have for every active man. The jacket is striking, due to its appearance and therefore an icon in the Napapijri collection.
Not only the summer model, but also the winter model is wind- and water resistant. By using innovating technology and breathable material, the jacket is light and comfortable.

Instead of your trouser pockets, use the pouch on the front of the jacket to carry your belongings and keep them save, due to the zipper and a Velcro fastener.
Note that this is the only pocket the jacket has. Because of the side closure, the Napapijri Rainforest has no side pockets.
Fan of bright colors, or not? The Napapijri Rainforest is available in nine different colors, so there is always a suitable style for you.

Tip: are you going on a skiing holiday and do you prefer style and comfort? Try the Rainforest. The wind- and waterproof properties and the internal cuffs make the jacket very suitable for the snow.

Napapijri’s history

Napapijri exists since 1987 and creates clothes, including jackets, since 1990. It all started with a travel bag in 1987. The brand originated in Aosta, Italy, although the name suggests otherwise.
Since the first pieces of garment in 1990, the collection expanded in the last couple of years.
Yet, the originals Bering Duffelbag and the Napapijri Rainforest are still as popular as ever.

The past few years there have been several collaborations with famous designers and artists. Such as the collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld in 2002 that has led to the special edition of the Skidoo Jack, and the collaboration with Japanese designer Yoshinori Ono.

The name Napapijri

As indicated, the brand is Italian, although the name suggests otherwise. Napapijri is derived from the Finnish word ‘Napapiiri’ which means polar circle. The color contrasts in the logo show the North Pole and the South Pole.
The Norwegian flag is visible on the clothing, to represent extreme weather conditions and renowned Norwegian adventurers. Therefore, be ready for any adventure, with a Napapijri jackets.

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