-  Monday, 18 January  |  O.a.schulski
PME Legend Cardigan Dark Blue
fast delivery, customer-friendly, good quality and excellent fit
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 -  Sunday, 18 October  |  Conny
PME Legend Commander 2 Jeans Blue
Great pants are great, and quickly delivered, absolutely great
  Nice to hear that you are so satisfied. We look forward to seeing you at [site name]!   ^Quinty from Suitable
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 -  Thursday, 15 October  |  Ruben
PME Legend Commander 2 Jeans Blue
Fine quality jeans. Nice fit and delivered quickly
  Thank you for being satisfied. Have fun wearing!   ^Quinty from Suitable
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 -  Wednesday, 3 March  |  Otto
PME Legend Cardigan Dark Green
very nice cardigan good fit good service
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 -  Sunday, 11 April  |  Maart
PME Legend Belt Cognac
nice belt unfortunately a bit too long
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 -  Monday, 29 March  |  Audenaerd-
PME Legend Skymaster Jeans Blue
Beautiful pants Fits like a glove
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Buy PME legend Clothing online

The lifestyle as a cargo pilot has been turned into a fashion and a company, PME Legend. Buy your PME legend clothing online. Cargo pilot as a lifestyle is filled with wanderlust and adventure. For the last hundreds of years, cargo pilots have been crossing the world through lonely routes and narrow dirt runways over the mountains, bushlands, and empty oceans.  These pilots are often the only connection between the outside world and isolated city’s and villages.

PME Legend designs clothing to the needs of a cargo pilot lifestyle. And, that could last under the harsh conditions all over the planet. The adventure began as an American classic ‘PallMall’ brand and reached its destination as one of the leading brands in the Netherlands.  This company is now called PME legend. Their Outfits are excellent for long term travelers with a fashionable touch. Travelers require clothing that is easy to maintain and function in different climates and situations. Items are finished with lovely details of cargo plains and symbolize freedom, masculinity, and adventure in one. A real man brand. PME legend has it all.

Every collection includes items like: PME legend jeans: 1. Aviator- many new pocket details 2. Bare metal- envelope pocket 3. Commander- scoop pocket, gadget pocket. PME legend sweaters: high-quality knitwear with a perfect fit. PME legend polos: with long-lasting fabric quality and color. PME legend t-shirt Available in a range of styles and vibrant colors.

Create your PME Legend outfit

Outfit one
To create a perfect outfit with PME legend is like to start your own adventure, only this time through a collection. The first outfit is made of a pair of Commander jeans, a t-shirt, a button-down checkered shirt, and Counsel Hawk 3 in 1 jacket. When wearing a Commander jeans, you will feel the long-lasting quality and stand up to anything we have mentioned before. The fabric is thick and tough, but due to its design, breathable and flexible. The stylish design makes them not only durable but fashionable.

The T-shirt is made of comfortable material and should feel cozy. PME legend t-shirts also contain lovely fashionable details of cargo plains and the PME legend pilot logo.  Over the t-shirt, we choose a button-down checkered shirt designed with quality materials to withstand a cargo pilot’s hard work. The colors that have been selected for every collection always symbolizes freedom on earth. This shirt is great for in-flight options, it’s thick enough to keep you warm, and details, like breast pockets, are perfect for things you need to have nearby.

Finally, PME Counsel Hawk 3 in 1 is an excellent piece of clothing. By wearing it, you will feel like a real adventurer due to its diversity and fashionable design. The layering of this jacket protects you from any unpredictable weather changes, and it is water repellant. A great choice for a wet, cold, and windy climate.

Outfit 2
The second adventurist outfit from PME legend is complete with Curtis jeans, a cotton t-shirt, and a “killer” Hudson Bomber leather jacket. Our favorite item of this PME legend outfit would be the Hudson Bomber leather jacket.  This jacket is a piece of art. This jacket’s detail shows how dedicated PME legend is to creating collections with essential and functional details. The Hudson Bomber is made from large pieces of premium buffalo leather. Noticeable by its few places where the leather is bend, hardened and creased. All this makes this jacket unique and irreplaceable.  This kind of jacket has been worn through history by pilots long before we even isolated our airplanes’ windows from the outside atmosphere. By wearing this kind of heavy jacket, you were protected. Nowadays, you are wearing a piece of history combined with fashion.

And of course, the t-shirt with pilot features and quality materials is one of the must-haves from any collection of PME legend. The Curtis jeans is an outstanding choice in this outfit, thanks to their unique and stylish cut. The moment you put them on, you will feel the exceptional quality of the material. Besides, the stitching and seams are made to last.

Outfit 3
For outfit number three, we choose another pair of jeans, like Nichtflight, a t-shirt, and a stylish hoody with a zipper.  A T-shirt with a short sleeve is the best way to keep yourself prepared for any weather changes. In combination with a zipper sweater, it’s ideal for changeable climates.  Like any other PME legend collection item, the zippered hoodie is stylish and ideal for every man. If you plan to have a casual Friday drink of just an evening at the house, this would be a perfect choice to wear. One cool feature—this hoodie comes with a left sleeve zipper pocket, great for keeping documents or emergency cash-on-hand. The night flight jeans are a bit more slim fit than the Curtis due to more stretch. Making them both comfortable and stylish. Just like model Curtis, the manufacturing and fabric of these jeans are outstanding.  We hope you enjoy the adventure and history of cargo pilot style.

Besides the three best outstanding PME legend outfits we choose, the best way is to make it personal to your needs, and the best way to do it is to find the right model for the occasion you need it for. If you are not sure what to do, we would be happy to help you choose the outfit.

Are you looking for a perfect price and quality? Then try our Suitable PME legend sale items. Those you will find every season at our Suitable online store collection. PME legend outlet is a place to find your missing link item for your PME lagend outfit. Of course, in combination with a fair price and quality. The sky is the limit, but we offer you wings to fly with our PME legend collection at our Suitable online shop.

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