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 -  Friday, 25 September  |  Jaap
Fred Perry Polo Shirt Stripes Mahogany
This is now my most beautiful Fred Perry, I am a collector. Slightly more expensive than the average, but then you also have something! Fast service, good range and reasonably well priced. So far only good experiences with [site name]
  Nice to hear that you are so satisfied with us. That's what we do it for. We look forward to seeing you at [site name]!   ^Quinty from Suitable
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  • Fast and good delivery
  • Nice offers
  • Wide range of products
 -  Wednesday, 1 July  |  Hans
Fred Perry Poloshirt Yellow
Quality polo as always from Fred Perry Good and on time delivery by [site name], also as always, excellent service! That is why I order my polos from [site name], good price, decent delivery and very good after-service
  Nice to hear that you are so satisfied with us. We look forward to seeing you at [site name]!   ^Quinty from Suitable
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 -  Friday, 27 November  |  Bea
Fred Perry Polo Shirt M102 Navy
Nice polo. The colors of the edges and the emblem contrast nicely with the dark blue. My husband is very happy with it.
  Good to hear that your husband is happy with it. Have fun wearing!   ^Quinty from Suitable
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  • Fast delivery
  • Nice colours
  • Fits fine
  • Price
 -  Friday, 15 May  |  Anoniem
Fred Perry Polo Shirt White 748
Nice good polo. Neat deliveries and a top system to immediately exchange an item for another item!
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  • + Good fit
  • + No translucent mess
  • - Price a bit on the high side
 -  Thursday, 6 July  |  Mitchell
Fred Perry Polo Shirt Navy White Red
Very good quality as used to from Fred Perry, and you also pay for that
  Good afternoon Mitchell, Thanks for your review! Fred Perry 's polos are indeed very popular at the moment because of the quality of the polo and the action that is currently running. Have fun wearing!   ^Quinty from Suitable
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  • Good fit
  • Good quality
  • Good delivery
  • Pricey
 -  Wednesday, 17 June  |  Gertjan
Fred Perry Polo Shirt Black 906
Nice quality, fit ok. Too bad the logo has been enlarged....
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 -  Thursday, 28 May  |  Peter
Fred Perry Polo Shirt Red J95
Just another great clinic from Fred Perry
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  • Fit
  • Color fastness
  • Durability
 -  Wednesday, 12 February  |  HANS
Suitable Polo Shirt Boston White
Very satisfied and worth repeating.
  Hello Hans, Thank you! and of course we look forward to seeing you at [site name].   ^Quinty from Suitable
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 -  Friday, 19 May  |  Lars
Fred Perry Polo Shirt Navy White Red
good quality, is good.
  Nice to hear from Lars! Have fun wearing it!   ^Quinty from Suitable
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 -  Sunday, 27 September  |  Van
Suitable Oscar Polo Shirt Yellow
very satisfied
  It's nice that everything is as you wish. Have fun wearing!   ^Quinty from Suitable
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 -  Friday, 25 September  |  Huib
Suitable Oscar Polo Shirt Blue
Color fades.
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Buy Men's Polo Shirts | Polo short sleeve| Online at Suitable online

Men’s Polo Shirts

A polo shirt is the nr 1. garment for warm weather. These shirts are sporty and give you a summer-casual look. The men's polo shirts often feature playful colors and bright logo embroideries. Our polos are available from several high-quality brands, including Fred Perry, Gant, Marc O'Polo, Hugo Boss polo shirts,and many others. So don't hesitate and order your next polo shirt online at Suitable!

If you're not sure which polo shirt fits your style best, read about the polo shirt's history, the different styles, fabrics, and brands below. This garment is a great in-between option. It can make you feel dressed up as if you were wearing a button-up shirt while still maintaining the comfort and casual style of a T-shirt.

History of the Polo Shirt

After witnessing a polo match in India, the British imported the new sport and its respective polo shirt to Europe at the end of the nineteenth century. At the time, polo shirts still had long sleeves and button-down collars. The French tennis player René Lacoste changed the shirt's design into the modern polo we know today. In the 1920s, the French tennis star, known by his nickname "Le Crocodile," had a sports shirt made mostly for himself, based on the polo players' shirt: a flexible shape with a soft, flat collar and a short button placket on the chest. Gone was the button-down collar, which meant that you could pop the collar to prevent sunburn in the neck. After wearing it to the 1926 US Open, René Lacoste's polo shirt became the tennis and polo players' shirt of choice. They weaved the shirt in pique cotton knit, which made it more durable and lightweight. Lacoste started his own company and added new designs in bold colors, making the polo-shirt a staple in any well-dressed wardrobe. In the following years and decades, golf players too acquired the polo shirt style, Fred Perry and Ralph Lauren made their iconic versions, and today the polo shirt is one of the most popular items for men. It became known through equestrian sports, but nowadays, you see the well-known polos on the sports field and the street scene it can therefore no longer be missing in any men's wardrobe.

Casual outfits with polo shirts for men

These smart shirts with collar and button closure look sporty and chic at the same time and are therefore also suitable for many occasions. The polo shirt is mainly worn casually on jeans or chinos with sneakers. But a polo can also be dressed up worn as part of a smart-casual outfit! This allows you to wear a men's polo shirt to the office. Choose a polo without any bold details in a more subtle color, such as dark blue or dark green. The ideal smart-casual polos are knitted polos from the Suitable Prestige line, made from luxurious materials. Combine this polo shirt with a chino and a sports jacket to complete your dressy yet comfortable look. In addition to the many polos from premium brands such as Gant and Tommy Hilfiger, Suitable also offers its private label line at a very competitive price. The Suitable polo shirt collection is versatile and includes athletic models with cool details and more dressed-up options in plain colors. Our products are suited for any occasion, whether you wear them in private, casual outings, or on the work floor.

Long Sleeve Polo Shirts

Many casual brands that make polo shirts also offer long sleeve models. A long-sleeve polo shirt is still the shirt of choice for rugby players and is often called a Rugby shirt or 'Rugger.' The iconic Gant brand always offers a long sleeve polo shirt range in its casual collection every season. Rugby shirts generally feature a straight or regular fit, which offers enough space to move freely but at the same time still guarantees a stylish appearance. Long sleeve polo shirts are mostly worn casually, but you can dress them up with a sport coat for an athletic Ivy-style look. Making it a suitable piece of clothing for a smart casual outfit as well.

Different types of fabric

The weave of your polo shirt's fabric is important because it determines the wearing comfort. Athletic type polos are often made from jersey fabric, a collective name for a group of fabrics with a stretchy knitting weave. The advantage of this jersey fabric is that it is airy and stays very flexible. The classic polo shirt is made with a piqué knit. This is a cotton fabric knitted with an elevated woven pattern. This fabric looks sturdier but remains breathable. Ever since Lacoste's polo, piqué fabric is still the most common material used for men's polo shirts. Other materials include luxurious fabrics such as silk and merino wool. Synthetic fibers such as polyester can be used as well for their quick-drying properties. Additionally, various innovative techniques ensure that the fabric stays cool, such as applying liquid nitrogen to the thread before weaving. In terms of designs, always take a few basic colors to make combining easy. Choose either a neat navy, grey, white or black polo for nice occasions. Subsequently, complement this with a different cheerful or pastel color such as soft green or yellow for the perfect sunny outfit on a beautiful summer day! Wear your polo shirt with jeans, chinos, or shorts, and finish your outfit with a pair of cool sneakers or loafers.

Finding the right fit

Polo shirts can have a few different fits, so it is important to pay attention to your body type's correct fit. The different fits can be divided into Slim fit, Modern fit, and Regular fit. The cut of slim fit polos has a tailored silhouette along the upper body and provides an elegant look for a slim body type. A Modern fit is just slightly tailored along the upper body and is appropriate for most body types. The Modern fit is, therefore, the most common fit. Lastly, a Regular fit runs straight along the body. Because it isn't tailored, it has a relatively big fit. Additionally, Suitable also offers men's polos in extra-large sizes in our collection. Although some brands only go up to XXL, we try to include polos in our spring/summer collection in sizes up to 4XL and 5XL. These polo shirts in larger sizes are available in both plain designs and trendy designs with striking details. These details include subtle embroideries on the chest and collars and sleeves finished with colorful trim and contrasting buttons. To ensure a proper fit, make sure that the seam of your polo shirt or rugby shirt sits on the shoulders, not over it. The length of the shirt should fall just over the waistband.

Barbour polo shirts

J. Barbour & Sons Ltd. is a British luxury and lifestyle brand founded by John Barbour in 1894. The brand is mostly known for its waxed cotton jackets and quilted jackets. Besides their signature outerwear, the Barbour collection also includes a wide range of stylish casual clothing. Barbour polos feature their signature logo shield. They come in plain colors such as red, grey, navy, and army green. More playful options include a navy and white striped design.

Björn Borg polo shirts

Named after one of the most iconic tennis players of all time, the Björn Borg brand is best known for its sports apparel and underwear. The sporty Bjorn Borg polo shirts feature a slightly tailored fit with ribbed sleeve cuffs. The Bjorn Borg polo shirt is available in navy, white, grey, and black and is finished with a subtle logo tag on the lower left.

Blue Industry

Combining casual chic with American sportswear, Blue Industry is a Dutch men's fashion brand based in Rotterdam. Their modern designs are defined by a unique style and a perfect fit. The slim-fit Blue Industry polos all feature contrastingly colored details such as breast pockets or trimmed sleeve cuffs.

Calvin Klein

Distinguished by its minimal aesthetic, Calvin Klein is a global lifestyle brand that has built its reputation as one of the leading American fashion brands since it was founded in 1968 by Calvin Klein. The stylish Calvin Klein polo shirts have a stylish athletic flair and a subtle embroidered "CK" logo on the chest.

Casa Moda

One of the largest producers of men's fashion in Germany, Casa Moda is a casual brand that makes timeless men's clothing with an athletic look. Their stylish and comfortable polo shirts have a clean and easy-to-combine design and feature a breast pocket. Many available colors, including navy, light blue, Nantucket red, and grey, offer a neat polo for any outfit.

Cast Iron

Cast Iron is a casual lifestyle clothing brand with a modern dressed-up touch. Launched in the Netherlands in 2003, Cast Iron is part of the same family as the high-quality brand's Vanguard and PME Legend. The tough Cast Iron image is expressed in their use of durable materials, striking designs, and the application of distinct details. Cast Iron polos are made in stunning colors such as lime green and cedar brown and are finished with a three-button placket and a relief Cast Iron dragon logo on the chest.

Fred Perry polo shirts

Founded by tennis champion Fred Perry in 1952, the Fred Perry brand is best known for their signature polo shirts with their recognizable twin tipping and embroidered Laurel Wreath logo. This shirt became popular with many subcultures in Britain and is still popular today. The original colors were white and black, but today many other colors are available as well.

Gant polo shirts

GANT is a traditional American brand, launched in 1949 by Bernard Gantmacher in the college town of New Haven, Connecticut. One of Gant's most versatile and timeless pieces is the Gant Rugger shirt, which is available in solid colors, broad stripes, or the classic Breton stripe. This is offset with a luxurious twill collar and ribbed cuffs. The long sleeve polo shirt is finished with a contrasting Gant logo embroidery on the chest and the instantly recognizable locker loop on the back. Another American classic, the Gant short sleeve polo shirts, feature a ribbed finish at the sleeves and collar and closes with two buttons. Available in black, cobalt blue, sun-bleached navy, and regular navy, you can wear a Gant polo with a light chino in spring or a bright colored or patterned pair of shorts in summer.

KnowledgeCotton Apparel

Knowledge Cotton Apparel combines classic clothing items with casual styling. Shaped by its Scandinavian heritage, the brand is focused on developing fashion innovatively, responsibly, and sustainably. The KnowledgeCotton Apparel polo features a fashionable tailored fit and is finished with the signature owl logo.

Marc O' Polo polos

Swedish brand Marc O'Polo is founded in Stockholm in 1967 and makes classy and modern casual wear with an international style. Their collections are characterized by the use of natural materials, high-quality artistry, and signature details under the philosophy "The freedom to be yourself." Polo shirts by Marc O'Polo feature versatile designs such as stylish all-over prints and vintage washed colors or classic white and blue stripes.

Napapijri Scandinavian styled polo shirts

Crossing borders ever since 1987, the Italian Napapijri brand got its name from Finland and its logo from the Norwegian flag. Inspired by the great expeditions and brave explorers of the 20th century, Napapijri makes innovative and sturdy outdoor items. The Napapijri polo is available in many colors and features the iconic Norwegian flag logo embroidered on the chest.

Scotch & Soda polos

Possibly the most famous Dutch clothing company at the moment, Scotch & Soda started in Amsterdam in 1985. They were championing individuality and authenticity, the brand designs unique clothes that mix classic with contemporary. The elegant and stylish Scotch & Soda polos, finished with their signature sewing machine logo on the chest, come in many seasonal colors as well as a few surprising patterns.

Sun68 polo shirts

Started in 2003, Sun68 is an Italian brand producing casual men's wear, focusing on details and innovative materials. The designs of the Sun68 polo shirts truly embody the Italian sun, with summery designs that include vibrant orange colors and flower patterns. More conservative designs are available as well, like the classic Sun68 Cold Blue polo shirt.

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