-  Saturday, 5 December  |  Koen
Profuomo Shirt Light Blue Striped
Definitely my best shirt and at the same time not even one of my most expensive. The shape is perfect, it also stays nicely in your pants and does not crease easily.
  Nice to hear Koen that you like this shirt so much! Quality and a good price can go hand in hand. See you next time!   ^Quinty van Suitable
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  • Form
  • Does not crease easily
  • Great price / quality
  • None can discover
 -  Tuesday, 13 February  |  Jerry
Profuomo Slim Fit Shirt Cutaway
Excellent delivery. Well packaged. Great fit. Great product. Hopefully it will stay well after a few washes.
  Good to hear that Jerry's shirt and service were satisfactory. The shirt should be able to withstand a wash, so we don't expect any problems! :)   ^Quinty van Suitable
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 -  Sunday, 29 December  |  M
Profuomo Shirt Cutaway Double Cuff Blue
Perfect and beautiful shirt of good quality
  Thank you for this great review. Have fun with your shirt and see you at [site name].   ^Quinty van Suitable
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 -  Thursday, 19 May  |  Roel
Profuomo Shirt Extra Long Sleeve Cutaway Light Blue
A nice, neat uniform shirt.
  A nice blue shirt is always possible! Have fun wearing it.   ^Quinty van Suitable
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Buy Profuomo Non Iron Shirts online

What makes Profuomo shirts non iron? The fabric of which the Profuomo non iron shirts are made is processed with a special fixing process. This keeps the shirt looking good at all times. However long you have been in the car on the way from appointment to appointment. The unique structure makes all Profuomo shirts non-iron.

Profuomo iron

Never again worry about false creases in your shirt or strange folds in unwanted areas. And do you know what is also great about Profuomo shirts? First, they are made from 100% cotton. Natural fabrics have the great advantage that they offer maximum ventilation. This will make you sweat a lot less and keep looking flawless. Even after a long day.

Profuomo No Iron for the man

In addition, the shirts come in a beautiful, modern slim-fit fit. This cut is completely tailored to the body shape of the western man. From generation to generation people have sworn to wear the clothes of this elegant brand.

It is not without Profuomo has been around since 1934. Three generations have followed the same philosophy for almost a century, and that is to produce menswear of the highest quality at an affordable price. The designs are made with great care and attention. That is what makes Profuomo special.
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