-  Tuesday, 24 November  |  Bas
Falke Airport PLUS Socks Black 3000
Socks are fine in terms of size, only the length over the leg is somewhat disappointing to me. Despite the care with which I use and wash the socks (30 degrees and not in the dryer), the socks start to 'rag' after 1 wash and you lose some wool. I did not expect this from socks in this price range - I expressly bought more expensive socks once because I was dissatisfied with the quality of the cheaper brands, but now it appears that these socks are not 'infallible' either.....
Was this review helpful?   Yes (21) No (13)
  • Good ventilation
  • Are comfortable
  • Fabric wears out quickly
 -  Wednesday, 17 February  |  Cornelis
Falke Walkie Hikingsocks Navy 6670
In winter I prefer nothing more than to wear the Falke Walkie Hiking Socks. They are like self-knitted wool socks and they are wonderfully warm and.... strong. I always bought them in Leidsenhage at the 'Koekenhuis', but after our move to Noord-Holland, I wanted to order them via the internet. I could only find them at [site name]. I ordered them there and they were delivered the next day. Good address!
  Thanks for the nice review. We are proud to be your new address for Falke Walkie! We wish you much more pleasure and see you soon at [site name].   ^Quinty from Suitable
Was this review helpful?   Yes (2) No (7)
 -  Wednesday, 30 November  |  Michiel
Falke Airport Socks Black 3000
Bought 6 pairs on the advice of a friend and the order for the next 6 pairs will be sent straight away. Since I have been wearing these socks I never have cold or sweaty feet again, wonderful! After ordering they were delivered quickly, they fit perfectly and I can really recommend them to everyone. A small but the price... Could be slightly less
Was this review helpful?   Yes (2) No (1)
 -  Wednesday, 29 October  |  Rob
Falke Walkie Hiking Socks Black
Good reviews from other hikers and a very good price through [site name]. The socks have an excellent fit and do not deform during longer walks, keep the feet dry and, due to their thickness, give some space in the shoe. We are very pleased with this purchase. TOP ;-)
Was this review helpful?   Yes (4) No (1)
 -  Wednesday, 9 September  |  Ton
Falke Airport PLUS Socks Navy 6370
I've been buying these socks from a nearby stocking shop for years. My socks were out of stock and would not return due to the store closing. The saleswoman advised me to try it online and that's how I ended up with you. So much for full satisfaction.
  Good to hear, Ton! Hopefully we can serve you again in the future.   ^Quinty from Suitable
Was this review helpful?   Yes (0) No (0)
 -  Wednesday, 2 March  |  Van
Falke Airport Socks Black 3000
Are these Falce stockings also available in knee socks? If this is the case, I would like to order: knee socks in black in size 41/42. If there are no knee socks, we are not interested. Awaiting your counter notification, van Heijningen
Was this review helpful?   Yes (1) No (26)
 -  Monday, 17 January  |  Hendrik
Falke Airport PLUS Socks Navy 6370
This seemed to me the most luxurious of the falke series. To be honest, I don't think they're worth the money. They are fine, but not in relation to the price... I therefore do not recommend them (for the current price)
Was this review helpful?   Yes (7) No (4)
 -  Tuesday, 11 January  |  Mari
Falke Airport Knee Socks Black 3000
I have had more pairs of these stockings and they stay beautifully in the wash. Moreover, they are nice and long so that you never see a piece of bone. I think they are a bit expensive for stockings. Delivered on time.
Was this review helpful?   Yes (1) No (0)
 -  Saturday, 23 March  |  Hans
Falke Airport Socks Black 3000
I chose this item because I know it, both product size and material are known and in that sense I do not have to worry that this repeat order would not be in order. order handling and product delivery were excellent
Was this review helpful?   Yes (0) No (1)
 -  Saturday, 23 March  |  Hans
Falke Airport PLUS Socks Black 3000
I chose this item because I know it, both product size and material are known and in that sense I do not have to worry that this repeat order would not be in order. order handling and product delivery were excellent
Was this review helpful?   Yes (0) No (1)
 -  Thursday, 9 March  |  Heleen
Falke Walkie Light Black 3000
Ideal way of ordering socks. Falke is my favorite brand and [site name] has plenty of choice at an affordable price. Add to that the convenience of home delivery and it should be clear that this is ideal.
  Thanks for your nice review! Nice to hear that you are such a fan of the Falke socks. Have fun wearing!   ^Quinty from Suitable
Was this review helpful?   Yes (2) No (3)
  • Wide choice
  • Delivered quickly
  • Favorable price
 -  Thursday, 16 June  |  Erik
Falke Airport PLUS Socks Black 3000
Product meets my expectations. Good fit, decent price and the delivery was excellent. In addition, due to the composition of the fabric, etc., it provides excellent ventilation of the heat from my feet.
Was this review helpful?   Yes (0) No (1)
 -  Wednesday, 28 May  |  Mathieu
Falke Airport PLUS Socks Black 3000
I've known these socks for several years, usually bought them at retail. But the fast delivery and excellent service are sufficient arguments to order these top socks from [site name] in the future!
Was this review helpful?   Yes (0) No (1)
 -  Wednesday, 28 May  |  Mathieu
Falke Airport PLUS Socks Navy 6370
I've known these socks for several years, usually bought them at retail. But the fast delivery and excellent service are sufficient arguments to order these top socks from [site name] in the future!
Was this review helpful?   Yes (0) No (0)
 -  Wednesday, 28 May  |  Mathieu
Falke Airport PLUS Socks Brown 5930
I've known these socks for several years, usually bought them at retail. But the fast delivery and excellent service are sufficient arguments to order these top socks from [site name] in the future!
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Buy Men's Socks online

Men’s socks at Suitable

Men’s socks are available in various solid colors or checkered. Easily order men’s socks online from Suitable from 70% Cotton, 25% Nylon, 5% Elastane which ensures that the men’s sock lasts extra long without sweat feet. There is also a wide choice of Burlington men’s socks available. In addition to the normal men’s socks of wool, cotton, and wool-mix, you will also find half socks that you can put on under shorts on hot days in the summer season. In our range of men’s stockings collection from a brand like Burlington, Bjorn Borg, and more, we brought all imaginable colors!

Fashion for the feet

There are rules in a fashion that is not in any lexicon but still requires our attention. One of these hidden rules concerns the most straight covering of the male leg: the sock. It would help if you were careful that the men’s sock is exactly so long that there is no hairy calf to be seen in both standing and sitting positions. That detracts from the perfection of the outfit. The men’s sock must match the other garments in terms of color, design, and material. The man here has the approval of wool, cotton, silk, and various mixing fibers.

Long Men’s Socks

Stockings are long. Think of a nagging sock that is long-winded. Long enough to the calf or even knee to avoid skipping the legs, you ate with a bare lower leg. The men’s socks made of wool, cotton, silk, or a blend are always darker than the trousers and opaque. But since stockings sound a little ladylike, we prefer to talk little boyish about socks. It is wise to choose long ones with a soft and wide elastic band that lasts and does not pinch. These socks are also called men’s ankle socks and are sold from the luxury socks Falke brand.

Socks online

The choice of socks depends primarily on personal taste. Colors can match the outfit but should not be too dominant. Those who are uncomfortable wearing socks with designs or bright colors such as red should choose plain colors such as black, navy, or brown. Order your men’s socks quickly and easily online at Suitable!

Men’s Knee Socks

Nice and warm in winter
Men’s long socks are wonderfully warm during the harsh and cold winter days. Knee socks reach just below the knee, keeping the shins and calves warm and comfortable they also keep the feet at a better temperature. And you are less likely to suffer from the rising cold from below. Especially when you work behind a desk, woolen knee socks are highly advisable. Different colors, models, and materials

Men’s knee socks are available in various designs. There are the Falke Airport knee socks in the following solid colors: Black, Anthracite, Navy blue, Burgundy
There are also the Burlington knee socks with a playful diamond pattern in various color schemes: Men’s knee socks black with a grey pattern, Knee socks navy blue with a grey pattern, Knee socks men’s anthracite with a blue design. In addition to the knee socks above, there are also the stockings from Levi’s. With a nice decorative stud on the side. And Levi’s logo on the underside of the socks.

Fine fit and high-quality materials

The knee socks in Suitable stores are made of high-quality materials. This not only ensures perfect wearing comfort but also makes the knee socks very durable. Wool stockings ensure that the temperature of the feet is well regulated and are also moisture absorbent. That makes feet nice, warm, and dry. You can choose a wool blend that incorporates wool, cotton, polyamide, and elastane, but of course, also for a knee stocking made of 75% shaving wool and 25% polyamide.

Striped Socks & Checkered Socks

Suitable also has a wide range of striped socks and checkered socks. Burlington, for example, is known for the classic wool or cotton diamond socks. From the brand Levi’s socks, we also have several striped socks.

Men’s socks with Diamonds

Socks with a diamond pattern should not be missing from your socks drawers. The socks are suitable for both your business and your casual occasion. You can brighten up your suit with Diamond socks. You give that little extra to your casual outfit because of the diamond socks’ bright contrasting colors. In short, a true classic. Suitable sells the checkered socks of two brands: The highly regarded brand, Burlington, and our private label socks.

Sneaker socks for men

Wearing socks in your shoes is often better. Socks: prevents excessive perspiration and ensures that you do not suffer from blisters or other annoying discomforts. For that trendy barefoot-in-shoes look, there is one solution, sneaker socks. Socks that don’t rise above your shoe and make it look like you’re barefoot.

Perfect grip

The well-known stocking (ankle socks) brand Falke has specials stocking feet with non-slip at the heel. This specials non-slip system consists of plastic ribs on the inside of the socks. A silicone collar provides a perfect grip. The Falke Cool Kick Invisible socks are stocking feet that stay where they are. The Falke Cool Kick Invisible socks have a specials shape, which you can wear invisible in your shoes or sneakers. They have a perfect fit and stay blissfully fresh for a long time due to silver ions and an anti-bacterial system. These stocking feet wear incredibly comfortably, and you can’t have enough pairs of them.

Luxurious legwear

All the advantages of the Falke stocking feet men at a glance: Anti-slip system. Due to plastic ribs in the heel, a silicone cuff on the heel for perfect grip. Anti-bacterial perfect fit invisible in your shoe. Material: polyester/polyamide/elastane. Colors: white, black, blue, and navy.

Ankle socks

Barefoot in your shoes might make an excellent statement, but it’s not very comfortable. And that’s why ankle socks just have been invented. They offer the solution for the trendy barefoot look, but without any additional inconvenience. The ankle sock is originally from the sports world. Socks are really of the utmost importance when exercising. First of all, they absorb sweat. Also, by wearing socks, you prevent blisters and other foot discomforts. They absorb the first shocks when you run or jump, for example. The sport ankle socks of the well-known brand Falke even specially equipped with an extra cushioning layer in the soles, which will minimize the chance of injury. They also have reinforcements in the toe and heel. Socks in your shoes are also a good idea in everyday life. Especially when you’re always busy, you can wear the ankle sock visible and invisible. In your neat loafer, it might be better if you don’t see the socks. If you are wearing a sneaker, you can easily make an edge of your socks squeak out. For example, the wonderfully comfortable-wearing sneaker socks from Bjorn Borg with logo on the back, or try the ankle socks men by Tommy Hilfiger. They feel wonderfully soft and always remain shape-resistant due to the unique mix of materials.

Burlington socks

Burlington’s trademark is the original diamond socks. Recognizable by the iron clip on the side of the socks. Burlington socks are available in various colors and compositions. You order Burlington socks products online from Suitable. The Burlington Socks diamond pattern has been the company’s trademark since it first launched sock in 1975. Meanwhile, the fashion company no longer only makes socks, but Burlington has clothes for the whole body. And that’s what this German brand does so well, Burlington now has international recognition. The fashion brand has a nice varied collection where the famous Argyle pattern is interspersed with modest variants or stripe socks.

From stocking to sock

Gradually, the sock drowned the stocking from men’s fashion. Socks with fantasy designs such as circles, diamonds, and stripes became modern. The choice of socks depends primarily on personal taste. Color makes the most match the outerwear and should not be too dominant. If you’re not comfortable in Burlington socks men with designs, you’d better make a common choice. Those who prefer Burlington designs should be accurate, that the predominant color of the pattern has to be suited to the T-shirt color, shirt, or sweater.

Burlington Cotton socks

Cotton a soft, single-celled fiber that grows from the epidermis of the cotton plant’s seeds. The fibers are usually spun into threads and used to make soft air-permeable textiles such as socks. The cotton socks from Burlington Socks are called Manchester.

Burlington Models

The Burlington socks association consists of several models: Burlington Blackpool, Burlington Clyde, Burlington Edinburgh, Burlington every day, Burlington Fashion, and Burlington Manchester. In short, more than enough choice to find the right sock for the perfect look.
Burlington Wool Socks
Burlington wool socks are made of 100%wool mixed with nylon for extra firmness. Burlington’s wool sock is called Burlington Edinburgh.
Burlington Edinburgh
The Original Wool is a true Burlington classic, featuring the recognizable traditional argyle (diamond) Burlington Edinburgh is known for and decorated with an original Burlington clip. The optimal fit created is by the unique composition of yarn. These innovative yarns ensure a pleasant foot temperature and ideally connect the sock around the foot. Available in various colors, one size fits all.

Falke socks at Suitable

Falke is a family business that has existed since 1895. High-quality materials, artisanal perfection, and an eye for detail; are the values that family business Falke has respected since 1895. The German brand is known worldwide for its extremely luxurious legwear. After many unique and ideal socks, Falke has another model sock that is very comfortable in your sneakers. Particularly the stocking feet, which seem quite a strange name but have a good effect.
Falke Cool Kick
These unique unisex socks, like all Falke socks, have an anti-slip effect and ensure optimal strength. What makes these cool kick socks special to buy- the extra silicone collar on the inside at the heel and gives a perfect grip.
24-7 cool
The socks are very similar to sneaker socks because it is a low model. The socks are so very suitable to wear in sneakers. The term 24/7 cool derived from being able to use socks for 24 hours. And the texture of socks made of fabrics that give socks a cooling effect. Furthermore, a unique sole provides a fresh wearing sensation 24/7. There is an ideal sock when making long days!

Tommy Hilfiger Socks at Suitable

Tommy Hilfiger has long combined the American preppy style with a modern twist in combination with high-quality materials. For both casual and stylish looks, you can go to Tommy Hilfiger men.
Tommy Hilfiger socks
Shop the Tommy socks from our collection now and complete your casual style with a preppy twist. The Tommy Hilfiger men’s collection of socks are easy to combine with all your outfits. Available in classic uni colors such as blue, navy, anthracite, and black. But also available in cheerful stripe design and stylish diamond. The Tommy Hilfiger socks for men, made of stretch cotton with a contoured heel and toe area for a perfectly fitting fit. By combining different types of materials, Tommy socks have the right pair of socks for every man. The recognizable Tommy Hilfiger logo: can be found at the top of the sock. And the brand name is woven at the bottom.

Tommy Hilfiger sneaker socks

What should certainly not be missing from the range for the sporty man? It’s the Tommy Hilfiger ankle socks. Comfortable stretch cotton socks with rib knitted cuffs that perfectly match the height of your sneakers. In short, they a discreet socks for lovers of sneakers and a must-have for your sock drawer.

Tommy Hilfiger online

Tommy’s sock collection consists of a wide-base of well-combined colors and designs. So you can wear the stocking on any occasion and every look. Are you looking for Tommy Hilfiger socks on sale? Then you’re in the right place at Suitable. During the Suitable sale, there are often excellent offers on Tommy Hilfiger men’s socks. Shop your Tommy Hilfiger socks online and always go out stylishly and comfortably.

Björn Borg socks at Suitable

He was once the best tennis player in the world. In the 1970s and 1980s, Swede Björn Borg made global name recognition at tournaments such as Roland Garros, the Australian Open, not to mention Wimbledon. During and after his sports career, Björn Borg also showed himself to be a successful businessman. He was best known for his Björn Borg boxer shorts. But there’s more! Björn Borg has an extensive collection of men’s fashion for men consisting of Bjorn Borg T-shirts, polo shirts, sweaters, cardigans, trousers, socks, and jogging suits. In short, a complete line of products for the active man who likes to look well cared for at any time of the day.

Björn Borg Socks 3-Pack Solid

These trendy ankle socks from Björn Borg come in an affordable 3-pack. The 3-pack features three pairs of socks in grey, dark blue, and black. Perfect for a casual sneaker. These socks are the ideal base for your wardrobe! The socks made of cotton, polyester, nylon, and elastane guarantees high wearing comfort and maintaining fitness.

XPOOOS socks at Suitable

Brand EXPOOOS designs stylish, expressive, and distinctive socks and men’s boxers. XPOOOS brand designs socks for open-minded people who dare to match and mix, people who like to explore and dare to expose themselves. Socks from XPOOOS are made of high-quality materials. Bellow, you can read an example:
XPOOOS Socks Captain Bull
Combine signature collections, distinctive designs, and quirky combinations with these XPOOOS socks. The socks have a playful appearance with a unique design. The socks from XPOOOS are made of stretch cotton with contoured heel and toe zones for a perfect fit.

Bamboo Socks at Suitable

Suitable Bamboo socks are incredibly soft, so soft you have to experience that yourself to believe it.
Advantages of Bamboo socks
Bamboo socks are cool in the summer and warm in winter. Bamboo socks anti-bacterial, breathable, and absorbent. It absorbs about three times better than cotton socks. All these benefits keep your feet fresh and dry for a lot longer. Also, you are a lot less likely to suffer from sweaty feet. The socks are supple and soft for extra wearing comfort. Thermo control protects your feet in summer from the heat. And in the winter from the cold temperatures.
Comfortable bamboo men’s socks for everyone
The bamboo blend with organic cotton, recycled polyester, and elastane makes the socks very durable. Bamboo is a very fast-growing, biodegradable grass species that grows very environmentally friendly, without the soil being affected by chemical pesticides. And textile fibers produced from this plant through textile processing.

Order bamboo socks for men online

Indulge your feet with Suitable’s bamboo men’s stockings. Choose from different colors or with diverse patterns. In addition to fine bamboo socks, Suitable also has bamboo T-Shirts and bamboo boxer shorts that are very comfortable. Curious? View and order your bamboo socks easily and quickly online.

Buy red socks online.

Red is a color that is worn since ancient times. From the bishop to the king, they were all provided with the color red. Red is a color that should not be missing from your sock drawer. For example, you can combine red socks with a red belt or a red tie. Make sure that the colors of your outfit do not clash! From playful diamonds to the classic bright unicolor, nothing’s too crazy. Therefore, don’t hesitate and add that extra touch to your business outfit and order all your red socks online at Suitable.

Brown socks

Brown men’s socks are classic with your beige or brown suit. But of course, they are also suitable for casual use. And nice sharp contrasts and the fine structure of the socks. It is a classic for everyday use. They are also totally covered in jeans or light chinos. These brown socks come from highly regarded brands such as Burlington and Falke. But of course also from the own-brand Suitable. They are available in different patterns so as diamonds and dashes. Would you like some of these socks? Then you can order it easily and quickly online from Suitable.

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