-  Saturday, 9 March  |  Mark
Deep V-Neck 2-Pack Stretch T-shirts
I bought these t-shirts at the [site name] Shop in Breda. I do a lot of sports and am wide for my height (1.80). I bought size L and these fit fine. They do pull a bit under my arms, but all t-shirts do that with me. I always wear my shirts with 2 buttons open and the V-neck is almost deep enough (I can still see 0.5cm of the shirt). If you don't wear them under a shirt, they are very long at the bottom. Furthermore, the sleeves may be slightly shorter (1 á 2cm) and the collar of the sleeve may be slightly narrower. The division in the collar at the back is also not very nice. All in all, very good t-shirts for under a shirt (partly due to the length), but less suitable to wear in the summer.
Was this review helpful?   Yes (13) No (16)
 -  Wednesday, 5 September  |  Roel
Deep V-Neck 2-Pack Stretch T-shirts
I have had the Schiesser 95/5 v-neck for years and was looking for a shirt with a deeper v-neck and was more favorable in terms of price / quality. After trying these I have to say that they fit well, but a bit smaller than normal. Normal I have ordered L, but now M. They are less tight than Schiesser, but the deep V neck makes the shirt invisible under a blouse. The shirt also doesn't shrink much in the wash and dryer, which is also important. Could have been a cm longer for safety, but does not disturb. After a week I ordered 4 more items so that my wardrobe is complete again.
  Nice to hear that you have found a suitable alternative. We hope you enjoy your complete wardrobe! ;)   ^Quinty van Suitable
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  • Great fit
  • Could have been a little longer
 -  Thursday, 14 February  |  Alexander
Deep V neck 4-Pack Stretch T-Shirt
Previously I wore the tshirts of another (expensive) brand, specifically the deep V-neck model. [site name] drew my attention to its own very attractively priced private label model. I am very satisfied with the fit and the soft touch fabric. Even after washing it remains bright white and the t-shirt remains well connected. The length is also fine, especially not too short. Nice product.
Was this review helpful?   Yes (0) No (1)
 -  Sunday, 28 July  |  Alex
Deep V-Neck 2-Pack Stretch T-shirts
Not cheap, but very good stretch shirts. Also retains its shape after washing. The V-neck is a bit deep, good if you don't want it to be visible when wearing a shirt with 1 button open. Also nice that the shirts are slightly longer than normal, so that they do not crawl out of your pants when you bend over. Recommended!!
Was this review helpful?   Yes (6) No (0)
 -  Sunday, 30 July  |  Henrie
Deep V neck 4-Pack Stretch T-Shirt
I don't think the fabric of the shirts feels very firm, so the shirts 'fit like a glove'. The dimensions are not correct in comparison with the size chart. Are clearly bigger. I waited a few weeks before reviewing to see if my judgment would change. My rating has not changed.
  How annoying that the shirts are not quite to your liking! Of course you could have exchanged the size after receipt. If we can be of service to you, we would like to hear from you via our customer service.   ^Quinty van Suitable
Was this review helpful?   Yes (3) No (0)
  • Fast delivery
  • Fabric does not fit perfectly
  • Dimensions are incorrect
 -  Monday, 9 October  |  Peter
Deep V neck 4-Pack Stretch T-Shirt
The v is nice and deep, the length is good for tucking the shirt into the pants and the sleeves are just short enough to wear the shirt invisibly under a polo. Furthermore, the fit does not change after washing and it feels great. Normal I wear M, but this is the S the right size.
  Good morning, Good to hear that everything is OK! Have fun!   ^Quinty van Suitable
Was this review helpful?   Yes (1) No (0)
 -  Wednesday, 17 February  |  Gerwin
Deep V-Neck 2-Pack Stretch T-shirts
Ordered in S. The shirts are large so that the V-neck, the shoulder width and the width are too large. Compared to the regular V-neck, these can therefore not be called a slim-fit. The S of the normal V-neck from [site name] suits me well. In comparison, this S is at least an M.
  Thanks for the review, Gerwin! Too bad the fit is not satisfactory. We will report this to the purchasing department. Perhaps Alan Red or Olymp has a suitable alternative. Still look forward to seeing you at [site name]!   ^Quinty van Suitable
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  • Runs big
  • Price quality
  • Very deep neck
 -  Tuesday, 15 April  |  Peter
Deep V neck 4-Pack Stretch T-Shirt
In recent years I have tried many white basic t-shirts for under shirts and since a year I have only been wearing these shirts. Better than Alan Red! Because of the deep v-neck you cannot see the shirt and they are great. In addition, the service of [site name] excellent.
Was this review helpful?   Yes (1) No (0)
 -  Friday, 9 October  |  Bem
Deep V neck 4-Pack Stretch T-Shirt
The fit is very different from the XL fit of the not deep neck, so I bought a cat in the bag. Return was no longer possible. It was only a few weeks after receipt that Il wanted to put on a deep V neck, but I was able to enter it twice. Financial noose. Ben Vierdag.
  How annoying to hear that the article was not to your liking. Would you like to contact our customer service? Then we can look for a suitable solution!   ^Quinty van Suitable
Was this review helpful?   Yes (0) No (1)
 -  Tuesday, 7 January  |  Frits
Deep V-Neck 4-Pack Stretch Bamboo T-shirts
Received my shirts today. They are great and the fit is great, even for tall men. It is nice that the v-neck is deep, so that you can also wear the shirts under a shirt. I think I'll be ordering more right away!
  Thank you Frits. Very nice to read. See you at [site name].   ^Quinty van Suitable
Was this review helpful?   Yes (1) No (1)
  • Fit
  • Length
  • Comfort
  • Deep v-neck
 -  Thursday, 5 June  |  Herald
Deep V neck 4-Pack Stretch T-Shirt
I was looking for affordable quality top shirts. first ordered 2 pieces and they liked an excellent fit and remains beautiful. After this ordered a few more. also do not put money in the dryer for these shirts.
Was this review helpful?   Yes (1) No (0)
 -  Friday, 6 October  |  Ortwin
Deep V neck 4-Pack Stretch T-Shirt
These 'Deep V neck 4-Pack Stretch' are super nice shirts for a good price. I looked for shirts that you can't see under a shirt when you have a button loose and these are perfect.
  What a nice review, thanks Ortwin! We wish you lots of fun wearing the T-shirts.   ^Quinty van Suitable
Was this review helpful?   Yes (1) No (0)
  • Deep V-neck
  • Long at the waist
  • Stretch fabric
  • Short sleeves
 -  Thursday, 27 March  |  Frans
Deep V-Neck 2-Pack Stretch T-shirts
Fast delivery of inexpensive shirts. Excellent fit. The deep V-neck cannot be seen under a blouse / shirt. Nice that they are so long that they don't crawl up. In short, a good purchase!
Was this review helpful?   Yes (1) No (1)
 -  Thursday, 28 August  |  Didier
Deep V neck 4-Pack Stretch T-Shirt
the shirts are top, I would rather have paid the same price as the slightly less cut v-neck. they fit very well and the length is also good. after washing they stay on length
Was this review helpful?   Yes (0) No (0)
 -  Friday, 3 October  |  Adriaan
Deep V neck 4-Pack Stretch T-Shirt
wants shirts not to be visible and with this one succeeds like no other. Are good shirts and you expect that too. No more for me, slowly replacing the whole stack.
Was this review helpful?   Yes (1) No (0)

Buy T-shirts Deep V-neck Mens online

From the range of Suitable we like to offer the best quality t shirt deep v neck. We work with different brands to offer the best collection.

You can wear the men's shirts under your shirt or sweater, an undershirt offers extra warmth and comfort. The T-shirts are low-cut so that you can easily combine them with a shirt or sweater without the V-neck being visible. In addition to the extra warmth and comfort, the under shirt absorbs transparency and prevents any sweat stains in your shirt or sweater.

The right fit deep v-neck t-shirts

There are different fits available in our range, it is important with an under shirt that the fit is suitable. It is important that the under shirt fits well with your body for the best result. With a non-connectable T-shirt it is more likely that you will see it through your shirt, this is of course not the intention and ensures an unkempt appearance. The most popular fit among men is the slim-fit. In addition to the popular fit of the undershirt deep v neck, we also offer the Body-fit and skinny-fit in our range.

Choice of material

There are different materials that are used in the undershirts such as; Bamboo, cotton and stretch. Bamboo is made of fine fibers and provides a luxurious appearance and high wearing comfort, this is due to the soft touch. Bamboo grows quickly and is a biodegradable grass that is grown in an environmentally friendly way.
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