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From tuxedos to dress suits, Wilvorst has it all. From wedding suit to perfect matching accessories. Wilvorst provides everything you need for a special occasion. An exquisite black dress suit, a trendy dark blue tuxedo jacket, or a luxurious pair of trousers: find your Wilvorst item at Suitable. We are happy to help you with creating the perfect look for that fancy dinner or a great party.

There can be no doubt about the luxurious quality of Wilvorst clothing. The jackets and trousers are made of fine quality wool or a blend containing this lovely wool. This way, you can be sure of a high-quality level of wearing comfort! Complete your outfit with a Wilvorst cummerbund set. The cummerbund set contains not only a cummerbund but also a bow tie and pocket square. Your luxurious Wilvorst outfit is, after all, only complete with the right accessories.

Would you like some advice about a dress code, are you not sure about the size of do you have any other question? Let us know! Contact our customer service. We are happy to help.

Wilvorst suit

No matter the occasion, you will always look stunning in a Wilvorst suit. If you need the suit for a wedding or festive activities, it doesn’t matter Wilvorst got you covered. The production of all Wilvorst suits occurs in Germany, from design till production. It all happens in Europe. Not to forget, Wilvorst is taking care of our environment at the same time. For example, by combining deliveries. Are you ready to look style full and classy at the same time?

Check out the Dress codes:

Black tie- has been invented by the British and is meant for a classy dinner occasion. You would probably know it as Tuxedo.
White Tuxedo- is perfect for any occasion. Day or night, romantic or business. With this suit, you will leave a fantastic impression. Be aware that it is not suitable as a Wedding Suit! It just doesn’t fit the occasion.

Morning Coat- A morning coat is perfect for weddings. Many choose this etiquette of classic wear as a wedding suit. Or if you attend an official reception, this would also be a great choice. With this dress code accessories, and additional items play a significant role: - Golden pocket watch, or just a nice classic watch. The pocket watch would fit perfectly with a tail suit. - A Tie is more a business accessory than a festive one. For festive activities, it’s better to wear a bow-tie and handkerchief. - Shoes are not to be missed for formal or festive activities. Black Oxford classic shoes will complement your dressy outfit. - Shirt, It’s essential to choose the right fit and materials so the shirt feels like a second skin and won’t bother you. Make sure to wear your skin correctly.

Wilvorst Tuxedo

A tuxedo is an American - English dinner suit that has been around since 1889. Its single breasted dinner suit with beautiful shawl collar. The big question is, when do you wear a Wilvorst Tuxedo? It’s important to know that Tuxedo is only for the evenings. The Tuxedo’s story is that the wearer would look fresh after a hard day’s work. Tuxedo was considered wear for elegant social evenings.

As this is eveningwear, this is meant to be worn by adults only. So where would you wear a Tuxedo? Off-course wedding is a perfect occasion to wear one. You will see the ‘Black tie’ dress code on your invitation card.
If you are into Opera or Theater, then black-tie is often the dress code at premieres. As you can see, a tuxedo is mainly used for special occasions.

Classic, timeless, tasteful is the best description for a Wilvorst Tuxedo. You have to have this piece of European craftsmanship in your wardrobe we are sure you will have an unforgettable experience by wearing one.

Wilvorst Wedding suit

By attending a wedding, you are probably already aware of the dress code. This means you know what’s allowed to wear and what is not. If you are looking for a wedding suit, and the dress states semiformal, then a tuxedo would be overdressed. However, with a black-tie or chic dress code, a tuxedo is a perfect fit. For all other times, you can pick a suit with a bow-tie and handkerchief.

Which suit should you choose? Well, it depends on the seasons. Of course, linen is excellent in the hot summertime, and wool is fantastic all year long. Natural materials are best for the suit. Besides that, think of the color. If we are in spring or summer, lighter colors will be perfect. Also, pay good attention to the thickness of the fabric. The same idea we can apply for the autumn- winter time. Meaning the colors will be darker, and textiles will be thicker. The most important is that your suit should suit you and compliment your body type. So if you are wearing the suit and it fits you perfectly don’t hesitate, just buy it!

Wilvorst online at Suitable store

Our online collection at Suitable store is offering variations of items from the Wilvorst collection. The most accessible information about the Wilvorst collection has been shared with you. Still, we understand that choosing the right size and the right item for a special occasion requires more attention and can be tricky. For this reason, we would be happy to advise you on that matter please don’t hesitate to contact us

Wondering what specific measure of Wilvorst you need? View the Wilvorst size chart.
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