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An overshirt is a shirt and jacket in one. The overshirt for men is a stylish combination of the two most classic items. An overshirt gives you the feel and benefits of both worlds. In our collection you will find overshirts with a zipper or button down versions. Try an overshirt in different styles: check, corduroy or overshirt jeans. Prefer nice and basic? Then choose an overshirt in a plain color such as dark blue.

Combination options overshirt

Combine an overshirt with jeans and a plain shirt. During colder days you can wear an overshirt with a turtleneck or turtle neck. Also choose a plain color here. You can also wear a jeans overshirt with jeans! Go for matching jeans or completely different such as a gray jeans overshirt and blue jeans. Because an overshirt is a cool item, finish the outfit with sneakers or cool boots such as Chelsea boots.

Overshirt with checks

A checkered overshirt is a very common item of clothing. A checked overshirt is made of flannel or cotton. This is soft and ensures a high wearing comfort. Combine a checked overshirt with a basic T-shirt or a matching turtleneck. Nice detail: try to match the matching garment with the color checkered in the overshirt.

Brands with overshirts

Suitable has a spacious range of overshirts for men. Brands with overshirts in the collection include Scotch and Soda, Vanguard, Anerkjendt and Dstrezzed. View your favorite brand and choose the overshirt that suits you.

Men's Casual shirt

A casual shirt can also be worn as an overshirt. Casual shirts often have a different type of collar, have a rougher fabric and have more rugged designs such as a rough checkered. Brands with casual shirts include NZA, Cast Iron and No-Excess.

What is an overshirt

An overshirt is ideal for the transition period from summer to autumn. The overshirt is originally from the mountains where this extra layer was used. In the past, the overshirt was worn functionally because of the large compartments and the heavier cotton. For example, the overshirt was common in the military. In the 80s / 90s the overshirt made its transition to a fashionable item.

Different styles of overshirt

An overshirt is available in different styles and fabrics. Do you like to wear your clothes casual and cool? Then choose an overshirt made of heavier cotton or wool. This overshirt often has larger buttons and pockets on the chest. Do you prefer a more formal or sporty outfit? Then choose an overshirt made of a synthetic fabric or an overshirt with a zipper, without pockets on the chest.
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