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Gardeur Shorts Bermuda Dessin Brown
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Buy Gardeur pants/trousers online at Suitable

Gardeur: renowned for 90 years! Reliable quality, innovation, and a sense of fashion are what characterizes Gardeur's men's trousers. The brand is well-known in the fashion industry for more than 90 years and is a powerhouse for trousers. Buy your Gardeur pants online at Suitable. This German manufacturer of trousers designs develops and produces everything in-house. From the design team to the laundry, everything is done at the head office in Monchengladbach. This way, they can control the quality and offer their customers only the very best.
According to Gerhard Kranzle, Atelier Gardeur's CEO: "Gardeur jeans are finished with luxurious details and have a perfect fit. This is the reputation we want to express."
If you start to wear Gardeur, it will be your everyday favorite! Gardeur creates a real feeling of summer in the summer collection by choosing delicate fabrics and light colors. They will produce more dark trousers in grey or black, sturdy denim, and warmer fabrics in the winter. As an expert, Gardeur creates a suitable collection for every season to meet the customer's needs. Make a perfect choice and choose a pair of Gardeur trousers!

Gardeur: form 5-pocket to chino

Whether you're looking for a basic pair of jeans or a casual chino, you will find your match with Gardeur. For example, choose a Gardeur Benny Chino in basic khaki, which nicely combines with a shirt or jacket. Prefer to wear something cooler? Combine the Gardeur Batu Jeans with a rough woven sweater or a sporty polo! When it comes to the right fit, Gardeur offers a wide range as well. Such as a modern-fit with slightly tapered legs or a regular-fit with straight legs. Find your perfect pair of Gardeur trousers and enjoy the perfect fit and excellent wearing comfort. Do you have doubts about your size or fit? Feel free to contact customer service. We are happy to help!

Gardeur 5-pocket Jeans Models

A 5 pocket model is the basic model for jeans. This casual look is one of many men's favorite. The word 5-pocket comes from the two front, two back, and one coin pocket, making five pockets in total. When wearing five-pocket pants, you automatically look casual. Gardeur produces several five-pocket pants. Both in true jeans colors, and washings as in more formal colors and washings. The two models Suitable sells are Batu and Sandro

Gardeur Batu Pants

Gardeur Batu pants are perfect for the modern man. It gives you enough space on the upper legs, but thanks to the tapered cut, they look slim and stylish at the bottom. Made from a blend of elastane and cotton, so very comfortable.

Batu Pants Light Grey
The Batu light grey is perfect for the summer days, late spring, and early fall. Combin it classy with a dark blue sweater and a white shirt. A nice printed shirt can work, as well. For shoes, you can either go formal with some black or brown derby's or take some boots for a more masculine and casual look.

Batu Pants Blue
The blue color is a must-have in every men's wardrobe. Mix that with a comfortable fabric and perfect cut for the fashionable men, enjoy looking good and maintaining the freedom of movement. Blue can be combined with almost any color so. Go all out! Don't let anybody tell you what to do. Make your own outfit rules.

Batu Pants Seasonal colors
Each season, different colors are popular. Luckily Gardeur switches two times a year with their collection, bringing you fashionable colors that you probably won't pick quickly but ensures a well-managed wardrobe. Take your Batu pants in the latest colors and stay on top of your 'clothing game'.

Batu jeans
A pair of jeans is something you can find in different colors, washings, and fits. At Suitable the Batu jeans are available in different colors. All colors are easy to combine, and with 27% elastane, these jeans will fit you like a glove.

Gardeur Sandro jeans

Gardeur's jeans model is 'Sandro' available in numerous washings and colors, a must-have for the contemporary gent who wants to have a pair of trendy jeans. These slim-fit jeans of Gardeur are made to increase the comfort of wearing and overall appearance. They are using a specific weave to ensure 'soft-touch,' meaning no tough uneasy jeans fabric.

Washing, or no washing on your jeans
Gardeur made several types of jeans in the Sandro model. A few of them have a washing, which means the pants have gone through an extra step making a worn or scuffed look. Also referred to as 'washing.' A washing gives the jeans a casual look, which is preferred by trendy men.

Gardeur Benny

The Gardeur Benny model is like the basic of basics if you look at different models. Classic, and if worn fashionably, the best addition to your wardrobe. The Benny is made in several colors, which vary per season. Some basic colors you will find are:

  • Benny Brown
  • Benny Rib Cord
  • Benny Navy, Marine Blue, and Dark Blue
  • Benny Camel

The Benny's are chinos, so more elegant and classic. Better for smart casual outfits and work or family-related parties. Thanks to the tapered cut, the Benny model doesn't tend to look baggy. They do, however, give you enough space on the upper leg. These pants are perfect in combination with any blazer or some neat shoes. If you like more funky, get some cool sneakers and wear them under your Gardeur Benny model pants.

Gardeur Washable Face Masks

Like many brands, Gardeur started developing their home brand facemasks after Covid-19 hit. Many excellent designs are available, and all facemasks are made from super soft cotton so that it won't irritate your skin. A nice feature is that the masks are reversible, so you've got two designs for the price of one. Please make sure to wash your face mask regularly. Preferably every time you've worn it.

Wondering what specific measure of Gardeur you need? View the Gardeur size chart.
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