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The perfect sleeve length

A shirt in the perfect fit and perfect sleeve length are inextricably linked. The correct sleeve length of a shirt plays a major role when we talk about the wearing comfort of this garment. And besides the fact that a sleeve that is too short or too long is not comfortable, this is also very sloppy. Too long a sleeve can look like you borrowed a friend's shirt, which is just a few inches taller than you. On the other hand, a sleeve that is too short will quickly look like you have washed your shirt too hot and it has shrunk.

Long arms

Tall men generally also have longer arms, and a shirt with a standard length sleeve can quickly be too short. Do you have longer arms? Then choose Ledub shirts sleeve length 7. Ledub sleeve length 7 stands for shirts with a sleeve length that is 7 centimeters longer than the standard sleeve length. Ledub has thought of every type of man, so that you no longer have to worry about the fit of your shirt. And the well-known proverb is not without reason: Clothes make the man.

The Ledub sleeve length 7 sale

In our Suitable shop we regularly have quite attractive offers. The Ledub sleeve length 7 offer is also a recurring advantage for men who keep an eye on the little ones. And say it yourself. What gentleman would not want to look flawless at a bargain price!
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